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Welcome to the website of Mizse-Speed Transport Ltd.!

The reasons of our work go back to the mid-80s. At that time we have us - as individuals - beschäftgt with Warenstransport road. We have founded in 1993 our first company with the name of Péltrans GmbH in the year, were at that time only transport tasks domestically. But after the EU - connection there were possibilities, the market demands have changed even this and have moved our company, this profile to expand and our partners further build. We have continued our work under the name Mizse-Speed Transport Ltd. or Schnellspeed Transport Ltd. thanks for that starting in 2007, in addition, we have also done tasks in the international transport and forwarding.


In recent years, the number of our clients both in domestic and abroad has increased by leaps and bounds to find small and large private companies are among the largest logistics companies and production companies in Europe, State companies with domestic participation. Thanks to the unique and permanent orders of our partners we meet completely the transfer orders in Hungary and in many countries in Europe, as well as in Poland, Czeh, Germany, Italy, in the Slovakia, in France, in the Scandinavian countries and in the EU countries.

The Office of our company is located in Lajosmizse, close to the M5 Motorway, which effectively contributes to the speed and the mobility of our services. Thanks to our many clients our company developed continuously, what clearly support the extension and quality of own rolling stock. At the time, we develop activities with 15 trucks and trailers of various sizes and capacity, the Durchschnittsalter of 2-3 years. With the help of our suppliers, our services are always more versatile and we are able to insure rapid solutions with cost savings in all transportation alternatives (domestic and foreign). Thank you, that you have read our short introduction. We hope to welcome you - on the basis of our decades-old professional experience and our reliable and responsible work performance - among our satisfied customers.

Thank you very much: Viktor Péli, István Nagy